Neiburgs cookies policy

What cookies are and what we use them for?

Like most websites we use cookies to a limited extent to enhance the user experience and provide customization and useful features to our website and products. We also use standard analytics software to allow us to see how our users are interacting with the site in aggregate.

Since we are able to collect this data on you, we want to be as clear as possible about how we collect the data, what we collect and most importantly, what we do with it. The aim is to provide you the user, with as much transparency and control as possible.

What we should make clear from the start is that we do not sell the information collected by cookies, nor do we pass the information on to anyone else!

So what are ‘cookies’? Well, a ‘cookie’ is a small piece of information stored on your web-browser (Explorer, Firefox, Safari etc) which allows your web-browser to remember specific information about a website or webpage.

This ‘cookie’ provides us with useful information related to visitors to our website such as, if you’re a unique visitor or if you have been to our website before. The time you spent visiting our website and which particular page you spent the longest time on, allowing us to calculate the average length of time users spend on our website. Also, how did you find your way to our website, via a search engine or from a direct link.

What if my cookies are blocked – Unblock them!

With cookies disabled, the website will restrict and disallow you from maximizing your product experience and in some cases may disallow you from taking part completely.

If you wish to unblock the cookies on our site, or any other website, this can be done through your web browser settings. You may wish to visit, which contains information on how to do this on a wide variety of web browsers.

The cookies we use

We use several cookies on site, whose aims are the below:

- Run functionality on site optimally by tracking your activity and making sure the content and data you see is personalized and correct.

- Remember your language selection, browsing activity, browser used, device type and latest search history.

In addition to using cookies and related technologies as described above, we also may permit certain third party companies to help us tailor advertising that we think may be of interest to users and to collect and use other data about user activities on our Sites and/or Services (e.g., to allow them to tailor ads on third party services). These companies may deliver ads that might also place cookies and otherwise track user behavior. For further details, please visit